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All admissions to our school must be done through the Admissions Department of the Vale of Glamorgan Council.


If you are undecided on the school you wish your child to attend, please feel free to give us a ring and come and have a look around.


Nursery places are part-time, either a morning 9 am - 11.30 am or an afternoon session 12.40 pm - 3.10 pm.


A child may start in the Nursery the term after his or her third birthday. 


Academic Year  2023/24   


Children Born between these dates below               Will Start Nursery   

1 September 2019  31 August 2020                         September 2023


1 September 2020  31 December 2020                  January 2024


1 January 2021  31 March 2021                               After Easter 2024 


Your child is NOT automatically guaranteed a place in the Reception class of a school where he/she attends Nursery.  


The attendance at a Nursery unit attached to a school, will not guarantee admission to Reception classes. Priority will always be given to those children who live within the catchment area of the school.

Children are eligible for a part time Nursery place (five mornings or five afternoons) from the term after their third birthday. Please click here to be directed the to Vale of Glamorgan Council Admissions page.



If your child requires a place in any other year group, please contact Admissions Department, Civic Offices, Holton Road, Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, Telephone number (01446) 709 844, they will give you the necessary forms to enable you to enrol your child. Please also feel free to contact the school to arrange a visit.

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