Milk and Fruit

As part of our commitment to a healthy lifestyle, fruit is available at playtimes for a small charge.  Milk is provided free of charge to all Nursery and Infant children.


The administration of payments for fruit has become increasingly burdensome so as a result:


  • We no longer accept payments on a weekly or daily basis, where possible.


  • Payment will need to be paid TO THE OFFICE on a half termly basis either in cash or paid online using the codes below

As a result you will actually only be paying for 36 out of the 39 weeks your child is in school.  This means you will get 1 FREE week per term.  There will be no confusion for pupils, parents and teachers about who has paid and whether your child is on the list to receive milk and fruit. 



Payment MUST be made the week before a holiday to enable class lists to be produced in time for the first day back after a holiday to ensure that pupils receive what you are paying for. 



Please contact the office if you would like information on how to make payment online as you will need your child’s unique code along with the code for Snack which is PSS or Nursery Fund which is UYM.     


Listed below are the amounts for fruit and Nursery Fund which is paid on a half-termly 6 week basis.



Fruit                 £9.00 (Reception - Year 6)


Nursery fund     £12


When paying online, you just need to use PSS along with your child’s unique code. Please see our website for more information about paying online for other items also.


If you do not wish to pay half termly amounts we are happy for you to send a piece of fruit for your child to eat at snack time.  We hope that this will make the process more efficient for all and eliminate issues about who has paid or not as class lists should not change after the first week.  This will help us reduce our costs for fruit purchased as we will only be ordering enough for the number of pupils who are paying for it.