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Family and Community Engagement

“Together Everyone Achieves More” 

Aim: To work with our families and the wider community to ensure everyone feels a sense of belonging. 

Our Mission: 

At Gladstone School our children are loved, understood and supported to feel happy, safe and ready to learn. 


Family Engagement 

Working with parents and the wider community is integral to our work at Gladstone. We believe that together, everyone achieves more. All staff and governors understand the importance of collaboration and we are always looking to extend great working relationships. To support our parents with learning opportunities, volunteering, signposting and a friendly chat, we have our family engagement officer

Elisa Robatto.  


“I am available from 8.30am until 4pm Monday to Friday so please feel free to call or drop me a message on the details below”  


Contact details: 

Elisa Robatto 

Tel: 07743 169540  


Here are just some of the projects that we have provided: 


Language and Play (LAP) 

Fizzy Science with Cardiff and Vale College 

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) 

Hair and Beauty with Palmerston Adult Learning 

Phonics and Numeracy through Movement 

After School Forest Families 

Visits to Golau Caredig 

Beach Schools 

Family Fridays 

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