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Statement of Intent


At Gladstone Primary School, our curriculum is designed to:


•    Nurture sincere and respectful relationships with children, their families and the wider community;

•    Promote health & wellbeing in all areas of learning;

•    Encourage children’s voice and choice in their own learning, empowering all children to be the best they can be;

•    Inspire, engage and stimulate through rich, authentic learning experiences;

•    Encourage independence and interdependence, developing cooperation and collaboration;

•    Build children’s resilience in their learning, by creating a Growth Mindset;

•    Be inclusive to all children;


Our curriculum supports children in being and becoming:

·       Healthy, Confident Individuals;

·       Ethical, Informed Citizens;

·       Ambitious, Capable Learners;

·       Enterprising, Creative Contributors



At Gladstone Primary School, we lay the foundations for lifelong learning!

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