E-Safety at Gladstone



In this current climate, it is common for children to be accessing the Internet. At Gladstone we encourage the use of the Internet to support and enhance both teaching and learning within the school and we are very mindful of the need to keep our children safe when they are online.


Our Internet access is supplied by Vale of Glamorgan Council and it has a built in filtering system which restricts access to sites containing inappropriate content. We are aware however that due to the international scale and linked nature of internet content, it is not possible to guarantee that unsuitable material will never appear on a school computer and clear procedures are in place for reporting any inappropriate sites or incidents of internet misuse.


Our E-Safety Committee, together with the School Council, has drawn up a set of Acceptable Use Guidelines that every child in Gladstone is asked to read and discuss with their parents and then sign to show they understand the importance of staying safe whilst using the Internet.


For a copy of our acceptable use guideline form click here.


We have the following e-safety policies available in school:

  • E safety

  • Internet Social Networking Policy

  • Social Media policy

The following links provide helpful tips and information on how to keep your child safe online.

Thinkuknow click here.

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