School dinners cost £2.45 per day or £12.25 per week payable on a Friday for the week ahead.



ALL DINNER MONEY MUST NOW BE PAID IN ADVANCE otherwise no meal can be given. Dinner money can be paid by cash or using our online payment system.  We are unable to allow any “one off” dinners unless there is money on your child’s account.  If your child has forgotten their packed lunch and you are unable to bring one in, you are able to use our online payment system to immediately credit your child’s account and allow them to have a school meal.

If your child does not have a credit balance on their account they will be unable to have a school meal and you WILL be contacted to provide a packed lunch or alternatively take them home for lunch.



We are unable to accept any dinner payments in retrospect, at the end of a school day.


We also offer an alternative menu for our Junior children to choose from. Should your child not like a particular meal you can now select a baguette with various fillings.


Alternative meals can be selected by completing an alternative menu form. Click here for a copy of the form.


Please note, the alternative menu forms can be submitted at any time during the term, but they will not come into effect until the following week. Forms MUST be handed in to the office by Thursday 3.30pm at the latest to take effect the following week.


You may qualify for a Free School Meals entitlement. Should you wish to apply, please click here to download the form.