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Pupil Deprivation Grant

In 2024-2025 the school has received £.


This year we continue our strong emphasis on supporting and safeguarding children’s mental health and the grant has been used for the following:


  • widening and developing nurture provision and wellbeing within the school to continue SAP circles and introduce bespoke small class support for some of our highly vulnerable children

  • ensuring ELSA and trauma informed 1:1 support for all children who need it with a particular focus on those children who fall into vulnerable groups

  • developing a school based continuum of behaviour support – Circles of Understanding

  • CPD training for three members of staff to become registered behaviour technicians

  • Further staff trained as Trauma Informed practitioners



We have a fulltime wellbeing and nurture LSA at Gladstone as well as a team who focus on supporting vulnerable children and ensuring all children are happy and ready to learn. We also have a team of LSAs to target Literacy and Numeracy interventions which include Speech and Language Links, Catch Up, and dyslexia screening.


The emphasis on nurture and wellbeing within Gladstone Primary promotes children who are happy and feel safe to learn therefore ensuring that every child will reach at least their academic potential.  The PDG grant and commitment to children’s wellbeing and emotional health has resulted in Gladstone becoming the first school in Wales to be accredited with Trauma and Mental Health informed status.

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