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• To create a happy school environment.

• To help children learn that courtesy, good manners and consideration for others are very important qualities.

• To develop a command of basic English and the ability to communicate with other people.

• To teach the children to become competent readers for enjoyment and purpose.

• To develop knowledge, understanding and application of mathematical operations.

• To encourage awareness, of and curiosity in, the environment, and to develop appropriate scientific skills.

• To promote health and safety education.

• To raise awareness of the children’s Welsh heritage and language through the study of Cwricwlwm Cymreig and the development of bilingualism.

• To develop an understanding of the geography and history of the world.

• To teach skills in DT, ICT and Creative arts, which include Music, Drama and Art.

• To encourage an enjoyment of physical activities and to teach basic games skills.

• To develop the moral and spiritual ethos of our school by promoting a positive awareness of one another.

• To develop caring, tolerant and respectful attitudes and to widen the perspective of the children to become well-adjusted citizens.

• To guide the children towards an awareness of right and wrong, enabling them to consider the consequences of their actions.