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Welcome to Year 1


Our topic this term is Memory Box, on this page you will find the areas we will be covering this term.

Please ensure that your child’s reading book bag comes in daily for us to be able to read with them and change the book if necessary.

Autumn Term 1

Memory Box

  • ·         Differences between old and new/past and present.

  • ·         Developmental differences (babies/toddlers/children/adults)

  • ·         Discuss the needs of babies and how to keep them healthy and happy.

  • ·         Look at different kinds of celebrations (christenings, weddings and birthdays)

  • ·         Andy Warhol paintings (family portrait)

  • ·         Organise a visit (midwife or new mum)


  • ·         How to form a sentence correctly using a capital letter and full stop.

  • ·         Introduce capital letters.

  • ·         Focus on spelling of red words.

  • ·         Whole year group to be introduced to digraphs.

  • ·         Continue to practise their reading.

  • ·         Writing a diary entry.

Big Maths

  • ·         Counting in 10s and 5s

  • ·         Counting one more/one less.

  • ·         Order numbers to 10 in ascending order.

  • ·         Read 2 digit numbers.

  • ·         Form numbers to 20 correctly.

  • ·         Add/Subtract within numbers to 20.

  • ·         Doubling numbers to 10.

  • ·         Learn its 1+9, 4+6, 3+7, 5+5, 2+8.


Our P.E days are

G3 – Mondays                (Mrs Beer)

G4 – Tuesdays                (Miss Hill-Tout)

In year 1 children are expected to change for P.E. Please could your child bring in a P.E bag including:

Shorts or jogging bottoms


Suitable footwear

(Please label all your child’s clothes so hopefully nothing goes missing.)