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Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
Catch Up
Head Teacher
Mrs C. Newman
Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs H Reilly
Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs S. Marks
Mrs L.Downing KS2 & Mrs L. McCarthy Foundation Phase
Catch Up Co-ordinator
Mrs S. Bottomer
Nursery & Reception Unit 
Mrs S. Marks, Mrs R. Smith & Miss S. Walker
LSA's Miss D. Declaire, Mrs S. Braddon, Mr M. Edwards, Miss J. Hayes (pm)
LSA's Miss S. Bullock & Mrs S. Harding
Year 1 Unit
Mrs S. Beer & Miss C. Hill-Tout
LSA's Mrs C. Maunder (Mon - Wed), Miss R. Jones (Wed - Fri), Miss L. Morris, Miss J. Hayes (am)
Year 2 Unit
Mrs L. McCarthy, Mrs L. Belby & Mrs L. White
LSA's Mrs S. Saunders, Miss A. Martin
Year 3 Unit
Mrs K. Bigmore & Mr S. Hicks
LSA Miss F. Thurlbert, Mrs L. Fuller & Miss A. Jones
Year 4 Unit
Miss R. Evans, Mr J. Maher & Mrs Gullick
LSA Mrs N. Salmon & Mrs S. Murphy 
Year 5 Unit
Mrs L. Downing & Miss P. Graham
LSA Mrs D. Gully
Year 6 Unit
Miss C. Jones, Mrs K. Lindley 
LSA Mrs E. Dymott & Miss C. Leat-Bowen
Miss N. Williams
Mrs K. Jones
Mrs C. Goode
Mrs M. Stait
Mrs N. Tanner
Mrs S. Creasey
Putting Families First Coordinator
Mrs D. Gully
School Administrator
Mrs A. Hodgkin & Mrs D. Crow
School Caretaker
Mr H. Stait