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Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
Catch Up
Head Teacher
Mrs C. Newman
Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs H Reilly
Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs S. Marks
Mrs L.Downing KS2 & Mrs L. McCarthy Foundation Phase
Catch Up Co-ordinator
Mrs S. Bottomer
Nursery & Reception Unit 
Mrs S. Marks, Mrs R. Smith & Miss S. Walker
LSA's Miss D. Declaire, Mr M. Edwards, Miss J Hayes Mrs A. Canham (am) Wed - Fri
LSA's Miss S. Bullock, Mrs S. Harding, Mrs S Braddon & Mrs J Linney (am)
Year 1 Unit
Mrs S. Beer & Miss C. Hill-Tout
LSA's Mrs C. Maunder (Mon - Wed), Miss R. Jones (Wed - Fri), Miss L. Morris & Mrs J Linney (pm)
Year 2 Unit
Mrs L. McCarthy, Mrs L. Belby & Mrs L. White
LSA's Mrs S. Saunders, Miss A. Martin & Mrs A. Canham (am) Mon - Tues, Wed - Fri (pm)
Year 3 Unit
Miss J. Watkins & Mr S. Hicks
LSA Miss F. Thurlbert  & Miss A. Jones
Year 4 Unit
Miss R. Evans, Mrs K. Bigmore & Mrs Gullick
LSA Mrs N. Salmon, Mrs S. Murphy (am), Mrs A. Canham (pm) Mon - Tues & Mrs D Gully
Year 5 Unit
Mrs L. Downing & Miss P. Graham
LSA Mrs L. Fuller (am), Mrs S. Murphy (pm) & Mrs E. Dymott
Year 6 Unit
Miss C. Jones, Mrs K. Lindley 
LSA Miss C. Leat-Bowen
Mr J. Maher
Mrs K. Jones
Mrs C. Goode
Mrs M. Stait
Mrs N. Tanner
Mrs S. Creasey
School Administrator
Mrs A. Hodgkin & Mrs D. Crow
School Caretaker
Mr H. Stait